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I will make this very short as not much I can really say except it’s 10:34 AM and realized I did most of my work on a whole other form, and instead of copying or re-typing XAML, .CS File and what not, I decided, well, why not just make another form load? Can’t be too hard, right?

After a few moments of thinking, I feel dumb but never the less, in 1-line of code and under 10 seconds, you can make any form load in your project…

Step 1). In the project solution explorer, navigate and open WMAppManifest.xml.

Step 2). ¬†Find the following: ”

<DefaultTask Name =”_default” NavigationPage=”MainPage.xaml”/>
</Tasks>” .

Step 3). Locate: NavigationPage=”MainPage.xaml”

Step 4). Change the ‘MainPage.xaml’ to YourPageName.xaml and you’re done!

That’s right, simply changing the MainPage.xaml to whatever your new/old/whatever form name is will allow that specific form to load opposed to your normal


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