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Samsung FocusIf you just got a Samsung Focus that came with Windows Phone 7, you know be default it comes with very little space (8GB; Internal), not even close to the amount of an iPod let alone iPhone (Standard comes 16GB). So, if you ever think you might really use your phone the way most of us ex-iPhone users did and download TONS of Music, App’s, and TV/Movies? Well, you’re in luck since unlike the iPhone, you can EXPAND your memory!

So, if you just got your Samsung, think really hard about if you’re going to EVER need more than 8GB and sounds like a lot but a lot of us can out-due that in our sleep. I only stress this a LOT because, well, if you’re an already Focus user you know once you setup your phone, expansion memory becomes that night in Tahiti you didn’t take but would have been the time of your life since the Hawaiian Tropic girls were going to be present (or trip to Vegas to see Thunder from Down Under for the Ladies) and looking to talk to you about ________ (in my case, my boyishly good looks…. HAHAHA).

Yes that is right people, you can’t eject and re-insert the SD Card, it is not a removal expandable card. I mean, sure you can remove it, if you like losing everything and starting from scratch while the President of the <your country here> relied on YOU but now have miserably failed. Sure sounds dramatic but when you setup 8 email accounts, Twitter, Facebook with great photos, txt messages and emails but don’t wireless Sync? It can feel that way.

So, what do you do? As anxious as you may be to power up that new phone (or contemplating if you should expand and not buy a new phone or use more Cloud providers), I say, order it online so you can get a BIG card cheap or if you don’t mind and have the cash or the local shop has them cheap (If you have another WP7, download Get It Cheaper and to see if it can help you find the item cheaper). Go get it but otherwise online is usually the best source (Try out Pricewatch.com – Great deals!) .

What size do I need? Wrong question! What size is going to be enough? Bing(o)!

Well, what size is going to be enough? Eh, that’s going to be something I can’t truly help you with. If you plan on having tons of songs or just multimedia in general, I would obviously opt-in to buying a bit of space  (Approx. 20GB+) but if you’re like me, I went for a 15GB Card and I now have 22GB (21.08 Usable) and really “that ought to be enough for anyone” but hopefully that quote won’t haunt me later like it did Bill Gates (Founder, you know, that small company called Microsoft) but jokes aside 20GB is a lot and more than the regular iPhone (16GB) and some iPods.


Gosh, you had me scared for a moment, big question, ha! Easy answer. Simply make sure your phone is off and not plugged-in to any form of power and take the snap-backing off the phone and once you’ve removed it also take out the battery (trust me). Once completed, a small little silver section almost in the middle of the phone (towards the top) exists and is a small slot which most likely has a little sticker on it and it’s to the left of the SIM Card, so remember not to even try to put it where the Simcard goes. Once it is in (Writing side up) make sure to push it in and put your SIM in and turn the battery on and  you’ve done it, congratulations!

I hope this helps, and should you have any questions or  need support, please ask.

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