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Windows 8If you’ve been under a rock, well you certainly don’t know about the new Microsoft Windows 8 that appears very much like the recent hit, Windows Phone 7 (View my WP7 App’s) and the “Metro” look in which it seems Microsoft is rooting that will make them different from all the other OS’s but doesn’t stop with just a look…

When you’re on a Tablet (or eventually a touch-powered device, that seems will be much like our Smartphones), having quick access with information in every possible way popping out at you without having to do extra work, well, makes life less-stressful but now it seems it’s going to be more exciting! Microsoft is ready to blow the Apple iPad and any release of Google’s Android OS powered Tablet/Touch Devices and sorry RIM but you can’t even compete with what I will be explaining, which congratulations for still existing some how today but tomorrow seems not to look sunny for you nor the other technology giants as Microsoft is sure to cause stocks to increase and apparently more of a game changer than they have been in the recent years (yes, soon you’ll be proud to say the word Microsoft and in the same sentence without feeling awkward).

Lance! Come on and tell us what on earth you think will excite us? To be very honest, I actually don’t think the new features will really excite you… I think they will blow your flux capacitor (don’t understand the reference or care? I suppose you’re an Apple user, so lighten up for a moment?)! So, without further ado, let’s go down a list of a few of the useful features that will make life on the go or just every-day home/business use better.

  • Locked/Welcome Screen
    Like in other editions of Windows, you can tell how many emails/chat conversations that are open but now you may not even need to login to windows with the smarter “Lock” screen that proudly allows you to customize the appearance with a photo you choose but it has notifications (I assume by default and maybe you can add) that tells you your computer has recognized:
  1. Online/Offline Notification
  2. Emails Received
  3. Social Networks Notifications
  • Windows Login (Passwords? Ha!)
    One of the great things is getting in to your device without having to have a password that usually can get cracked at some point with trial and error or brute force. ¬†Things are going to be harder when you can have a photo as your password. Yes, take any photo and add gestures to recognize it’s you… No more truly needing a keyboard that is normally your cat or dog’s name but now beyond having Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition, you can add Photo Recognition to your list.
  • Windows Charms
    These are basically essentials like your Desktop, Devices, Sharing, and much more as some of us were scared certain methods or access was going to be non-existent but you really can do more with Windows than what meets the eye. Also great since you can get access to these items with the ability with just a gesture and it seems… Less clutter and probably better load time but again hides itself like you could with the Taskbar but with less to worry about.

Of course tons more exist, like Microsoft adding a Marketplace (just like in Windows Phone 7) but sure you could mention being a Mobile App Dev, they are helping you slide your App from a Heavy-duty platform (Win-8) to your Smartphone giving you even more exposure and chances to gain new customers but more importantly clients who may not have one or the other device but still able to join in on the fun.

Sure these are HUGE things and I will get to most of them, just not in Day 1 (Sneak Peak; Pre-CES 2012) as it seems thanks to the Microsoft UserCommunity (@UserCommunity) I will have an interview where I can get answers to what else I am looking for and can’t wait to share with you all. So, keep posted and keep tuning in for my BlogTalkRadio LIVE shows from CES LAS VEGAS 2012!

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