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As months and months have gone on and released App’s or have made programs for other people I always get the question, so where’d you go to school to learn how to do this? I always want to shout back and stand proud and say “I got my PhD in Computer Science from MIT while also attending Harvard for my Master in Engineering!” but the truth is… Online but one specific guy actually gets to take the crown about why I even make Windows Phone 7 App’s… Victor Gaudioso.

Yes, the name is a tiny bit hard for me to pronounce and when I first saw him, this may sound super weird but I thought… “What, this guy? He sounds and looks like a BADASS and he’s going to teach me? This should be funny!” and I feel extremely stupid and horrible for thinking the way someone looks should decide what they know but look at the guy, he doesn’t look like a 40-something basement geek with invisible friends… But I won’t stop trying to get the name right nor will I stop throwing his name around as I never thought I could go and learn another Mobile language (essentially C# is different from the iPhones Objective-C) but after just checking 1-SINGLE VIDEO and I think it was simply him using Expression Blend (UI Editing) and making basically a ApplicationBar for your You/Site/Blog (Video here: http://tinyurl.com/352fm4u) I felt I could maybe do this… Right?

With his video tutorials, the way he talked, the fact he showed in a real world environment with also being able to watch him visually was a bundle that made me confident enough to go and try to build my own App’s for WP7… I have over 8 of my own App’s in the Marketplace and several in BETA right now (4) and have close to well, I won’t give download figures cause some are paid-App’s, but A lot! Think about it for a second, I stumbled upon him accidentally as I was looking to find an error code for my iPhone App but when I clicked him and saw this is Microsoft’s new Windows Phone, maybe the market doesn’t have many App’s and could be profitable? It has been.

If you’ve yet to come in contact with him, you are totally missing out. I sent him a message on Twitter a few months back and not thinking he’d respond to me, he DID and was nice to me. Let me repeat, he was SUPER NICE to me. So, ever since I felt an obligation to tell anyone who’s asked me where’d you learn to make these App’s, I throw his name and even made an App that I exported to my phone that’s a QR Code, so if a geek asks me I let him scan my phone to visit Victors site. I hope that even if you don’t plan on EVER making WP7 App’s, just watch ONE (1) video and tell me you’re not interested still…

Website: http://www.windowspresentationfoundation.com

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