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Windows PagerThis new device that Microsoft revealed today is just breath-taking to look at. We knew Microsoft was usually ahead of its time but boy we never thought HOW ADVANCED!

This baby is rumored to be able to receive number notifications with a crisp and delightful LED-Backlit Screen that has AMAZING touch-capabilities.  I think it was leaked that it’s going to run Windows Phone 7.5, just goes to show how advanced and badass this is going to be.  You’d be nuts not to try to see if you could get one ASAP.

Unfortunately, this won’t be coming out till maybe sometime in 2014 [Source: Facebook] or never. It’s really unknown when the release will truly be but it will most likely be released at the next big Microsoft attended Conference in 2013.  It’s a real twist on an old idea but somehow Microsoft Research has done the unexpected again and you can BET I WILL BE FIRST!

So, will you be pre-ordering this baby? It’s the perfect gift to that young one who is impossible to get a hold of as they’ll see the 3-15 character note (i.e. 911; HELP;  Call Me; Baby Come Back;) and get to the closet pay-phone possible.

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