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Today on the Windows Phone Blog a post about the Windows Phone Bing Maps feature that unfortunately, didn’t have the best Traffic display as well as knowledge of street traffic but all that is going to change or so the photos from Microsoft and Scott Borton would have you think.

As a person who not only uses the Bing Maps but my WP7 App’s actually use it as well and even force my end-users to use the Bing GPS Map Feature. So, this is actually very exciting to me and I think the users of my App’s who maybe didn’t really want to use the Bing Maps as prior the traffic coverage was decent, for really major freeways and some highways.

The current view you may see on your WP7 Device is this:

WP7 Maps Current View

As you see from above, not much is covered or well really it seems like I said, just the major freeways and that’s nice and all but not practical… However, the new update supposedly rolling out the end of this week or maybe in a few looks to hopefully look like this for you:

WP7 Bing Maps - New Traffic Update

If this is in fact true and what we can expect? I really think this can truly help encourage more people to use the Bing Maps/GPS Service as they won’t have to go elsewhere for traffic reports and certainly tune out of AM [or FM] static radio shows (which can be accessed via WP7 w/Headphones also).

Well Microsoft, you have me practically directly linking and copying content to re-post…. You’re doing something right. Keep it up!

Photos and news provided by: Microsoft Windows Phone Blog.

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