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As most of you know now the new Windows 8 Preview came out and I put it on my Samsung Series 7 Slate where you can get from Amazon pretty decently priced. I just wanted to make a quick note of a new feature I thought was good but sort of bad at the same time and it’s labeled “Hide Keypress” and this is a feature [so far I noticed] you get at the Login screen with the On Screen Keyboard.

I do like the fact that it will use less RAM consumption and even though it’s very tiny but I don’t always like when I press on the keyboard and it lags to light up for the on-push and I start re-typing whatever I pushed and turns out, oh I did push it but it either forgot to show up or my system has too many items loaded and it’s lagging on lighting up.

Yes this is a small feature and it can be useful but I know if someone accidentally has that button enabled, they’re surely to start getting upset and yell that the keyboard isn’t working or it’s not typing what they typed. I guess we’ll have to wait and see the outcome but I like it, for now and just wanted to share that.

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