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As everyone knows, Windows 8/RT is coming out and more and more people are not too sure if they’re willing to try making App’s for the Metro-recommended OS. I have to be honest, at first I wasn’t too sure but I have played with my Samsung Series 7 Slate that now has Windows 8 Consumer Release (CR) & I really love it. Perhaps because it’s on a Tablet and maybe everyone is right that the new Windows seems to be geared more towards Tablet/Mobile computing? Time will only tell…

However, we don’t have time to sit around and wait if we’ll make App’s or NOT for Windows 8… I think if you can and will dedicate the time to learn, do it. So I had issues at first coming from Silverlight/XNA and used to the WebClient and other features that are Windows Phone 7 only. With this being said, I had a bit of or well a hell of a time trying to figure out what to use instead and why this async and wait stuff is but I figured it out and now made a video to show YOU how to make a Windows 8 Metro App that uses a JSON API from the web (video below).

I sure hope it helps you guys…


var http = new HttpClient();

http.MaxResponseContentBufferSize = Int32.MaxValue;

var response = await JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<JsonClass.RootObject>(response);

// Output JSON Details
txtResultSample.Text = “You queried: ” + rootObject.query;

Make a Windows 8 Metro App using a JSON API in 4 Lines of Code in C#.

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