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I have played around with my Raspberry PI for a bit now and a little annoyed I can’t play Flash videos out of the box with Raspbian… So, after hours of workarounds, I finally figured out a 2-step process to play Flash files within Midori and yes, YouTube Videos included…

1). Open a Terminal & su (for root)

Tip: Didn’t setup root password yet? Type sudo passwd root

2). Type “apt-get install gnash” and accept anything you’re maybe missing.

3). Now type “apt-get install browser-plugin-gnash”.

That’s it! You now have the ability to playback any Flash File, including YouTube Videos.

Flash on a Raspberry PI in ‘Raspbian’ within Midori Browser (HOWTO; 1 of 2) (TechMeShow on YouTube).

Flash on a Raspberry PI in ‘Raspian’ within Midori Browser (PROOF; 2 of 2) (TechMeShow on YouTube).

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