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As I am currently watching the LIVE Windows Phone 8 Launch, I am beyond excited as a developer and a developer who hasn’t been able to get access to the WP8 SDK, I am getting anxious and feel I have been left behind…


Live Tile Upgrade
You can change sizes, 3 to be exact much like Windows 8. You can now have Tiles that look like Icons from your favorite Mobile OS’s.

Lock Screen: with Tile App’s
Sick of your old Lock Screen? Now as Developers, we can add content to it! This would be great to get new Weather, Facebook or Twitter Feeds, New Photos, and maybe even have your current Calender items or the current traffic to your next Appointment.

46 of 50 Top App’s for Windows Phone 8

  • Temple Run
  • Urban Spoon – Talk for Searching
  • Where’s My Water
  • Solitaire – Multi-Platform for ALL Windows Platforms
  • Pandora – One year and Ad Free for 1-Year
    * WP8 SDK goes Public October 30th, 2012

Data Sense: Get your Data Plan in Control

  • Compress every Web Page Browsed
  • Find nearby WiFi Hotspots to conserve Data Plan
  • Automatically offload Data – Don’t go over your Data Plan
  • LIVE Tile to keep you aware of Data instantly
  • Tests Shown (Microsoft), 45% more Web Browsing with Data Sense Enabled w/Verizon being First to Try

Kids Corner (Parental Control)
Creates a special area that let’s kids do video, games, and more that let’s KIDS Play safely and you (the parent) in control.

  • On/Off: Settings>kids corner On/Off – That Simple!

So good? Jessica Alba uses it and says: “I think it’s awesome!”. Jessica uses the Nokia Phone to get incredible photos, we aren’t sure but I think so and she was an iPhone user that made the switch to Windows Phone 7 like me.

People Hub
This is your now reinvented features…

  • Rooms. Share with specific people ONLY (e.g. Friends or Family). Family Room comes by Default.
    1. Share photos privately.
    2. Share lists, notes, and more…
    3. Locate/Find where your Family/Friends are and keep track of everyone better

    Don’t have a Windows Phone 8? Non-WP8 users can be part of your “Room”. You can share the calendar with everyone!

  • Skype easier with Room users!

Share, Share, Share with ALL Windows OS’s.

  • SkyDrive
    Share your Files a little more with its Cloud features. This means make your Office Documents available on any device and it will save your place in any new document or existing document.
  • OneNote
    Voice enabled. Start taking notes easily and quickly! It’ll be on your PC, Tablet, or any other Windows Phones.
  • Lens
    Instant InstaGram! Share immediately after you add effect’s and beyond sharing to Facebook, they’ll also be in your cloud. So if you lose your phone? It’s OK! Your loved photos will be saved and ultimately saves you space!

Get your music on your PC, Phone, or Xbox with the XBOX Music Pass and no Cables needed! iTunes user? Windows 7, Windows 8, and OSX will have a Mover to help you take your iTunes Library to your Windows Devices easily.

New Windows Phones

Nokia Lumia820 & 920
Nokia Lumia 822
Nokia Lumia 920

Samsung ATIV-S
Samsung ATIV-S Windows Phone 8

HTC 8x

HTC 8x


I hope I will be able to bring you all some hands-on Windows Phone 8 videos and photos. I think Nokia may be sending a tester, let’s hope cause I am excited about their device! Stay tuned to my Blog and the TechMeShow on YouTube.

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