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New MySpaceAs many of you know, MySpace was the giant we didn’t think would ever go away and way before Facebook come along and killer of Friendster and other social networks that came around at the same time. MySpace was so large and well-known that they had events they ran and to think you could build a social network that could get you Millions of “Friends” like Tila Tequila and amazing exposure (later went to have a multiple season show to find “LOVE” of ANY Gender on MTV).

Unfortunately the way MySpace was ran by corporate sellouts eventually weakened the mega web-place that helped your Band or yourself as an Artist become a signed, known, and eventually a multi-profile streamed song that could eventually sell your record… MySpace was great and really terrific Glitter GIF’s, like big red or pink luscious lips that glittered we’re a great way to “glitz” up your profile to make it unique. Obviously I am joking as that was one BIG draw back, it was like an Angelfire/GeoCities community where you could load any kind of crap, even JavaScript that allowed you to load remote files OR a nice little Virus/Worm/Trojan and if you’re nice or a company, you used a Hit Counter/Analytics to figure out who was looking at what.

Like all things that are big, they get hit with the “I am bored…” reaction people started to get. Sure years in we heard about this Facebook thing our friends kept inviting us to, that you had to have a .EDU (yes before it was Harvard only) making it college-only (in thought) email account but most of us didn’t have one as we dropped out to make our own big company or just never really went to have a College education for whichever reason. But MySpace wasn’t geared for Students, they allowed EVERYONE and that includes your furry little friends as my dog and cat had a MySpace account and never got shut down (see Facebook, take note, you can Advertise to my Dog, he likes Milo) as it would today on Facebook and maybe now the new MySpace.

Did you just turn your head at the screen? Turn it back as MySpace is coming, [bringing sexy] back and with Justin Timberlake holding a fat share and becoming the iconic new “Tom”. I haven’t seen or heard of him being forced to be attached to new MySpace Accounts, so +1 (is that a Google+ thing… Kidding!) for MySpace. I am however on the new MySpace and really nice BUT harder to find friends or brands and really weird that they took the Microsoft Windows 8 RT approach and have left-side scrolling… I suppose they’re preparing for more Mobile/Touch devices? Guess Microsoft knew what they were doing?

As I am excited to see the future of whats to come, I hope the API’s are clean and easy but more important? Friend me on MySpace.

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