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Someone asked me if the Raspberry Pi could use external sensors and items like the Arduino Microcontroller, which it is completely possible. Especially since the PI has headers much like the board of an Arduino.

The good news is, if you plan to get serious with your Raspberry Pi and wish to even integrate it with your PI, LadyAda and the gang over at AdaFruit.com make it VERY possible! In this video I quickly show you how to just test your LED with the Ground and Positive without ANY soldering or adding Female headers by just “Tapping” them. The bad news? You could technically cause some issues or if you watch my video from the TechMeShow (below), you’ll see you can also BURN your fingers.

Look back often as I will be sharing more projects that are for the Raspberry Pi and Arduino!

Raspberry PI will Light and Test an LED & Burn You? (TechMeShow).

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