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I  was one of the first people to get a Google TV and I even got one for free from Google. Any website I worked on I would offer GTV capabilities for few bucks extra, no biggie… But as I see GTV getting nowhere and fast, the new Google Chromecast has me intrigued and when I went to buy one? Sold out!

When you have people who see a $35 price tag, they think they should buy in BULK… Great and all but some of us miss out then. With that being said, I wanted to make something so I could have those features, I want a Google Chromecast and NOW! So, I found my $35 Raspberry Pi and started programming and in 2 days the PiCAST was created!

The PiCAST is obviously in early stages and at this specific second only permits websites. I’m working on much bigger things, like sending images to launch in GIMP (converting to base64 and reverse OR strictly website images), launch Map’s based on GeoLocation and/or response and full screen it. Much more to come obviously and soon my own GUI Command Center to look much like XBMC or maybe not?

Point is, the basics to a Chromecast using the Raspberry Pi is here for you to do. Go and make it better or watch for the updates as the project continues on…

Download/View Source: http://github.com/lanceseidman/picast

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