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Yahoo!If you’ve followed Yahoo! and the invasion of Mayer, greatness has come from the new CEO of once Google fame. But maybe ignore this Logo?

So, as link bait, Yahoo! thought to constantly put up new Logos which was far from being a real Logo as it was just fonts they went through, or it seemed… For 30 Days!

The new decided Logo which was recently revealed had me stumped, maybe I wasn’t looking at the NEW logo… Sadly, I was but barely noticed. However, according to Mayer, she took part in the “new design”.

As I love to hear her so hands on, I wish she would have kept silent as this new Logo isn’t anything to write home about let alone deserving of her somewhat transformed Yahoo! that she’s taken by the horns and playing like a game of chess– or with this stunt maybe checkers.

I did just look at her Tumblr (smart girl) to see what’s really going on and if we’ve been had but apparently some real thought went in to the process of making this new design that is now the official Yahoo! design. Will it stick or will some jerks on blogs (heh) or change.org demand it becomes illegal? Time will tell, probably sooner than later.

Don’t feel any work went in to it? Don’t be quick to judge like I was, some time went in to it, so check out her post and online as well as the included video.

Source: Marissa Mayer Geeks out on Yahoo! Logo

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