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Foursquare MicrosoftWith Nokia and Foursquare being purchased, it really makes one wonder what is Microsoft doing? Are they taking a page out of the Google, Yahoo! aka Marissa Mayer handbook?

The answer just may be… YES! As we know nothing comes close to the Data you can get from Foursquare and especially from early on in its existence the data that they obtained was incredible but of course to slow down once it was seen as a tracking/stalker like service– not even badges or mayorship could keep the once huge network running like it once was.

Quickly, Bing has used the data from them and if you’re a developer, you’ve seen some interesting API/SDK’s come out… Perhaps one Microsoft calls a PREDICTION SERVICE.

That’s correct, this API does exist and the sole purpose is to guess where you MIGHT go based on your history or I imagine that’s how the internals work. So if you’re near M Hotel, it may give you driving directions or a suggestion to think you may be going their based on time of day or maybe even if you go certain days of the Month.

With that API available to developers for new, existing Apps and to add Nokia Services, Bing Search, but also Foursquare Data that tracks and understands where you like to go, when and so on? Wow!

I think you need to expect some crazy things to head to an Azure service for API usage for ALL Mobile platforms as Microsoft has shown its face as a valuable and eventually vital service provider for iOS, Android, and the Web.

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