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As many are becoming rapidly aware, BitCoin is easily becoming recognizable as a possible Currency, cause really much like the USD, valuable only based on the belief that’s behind it.

You may have seen some small prototypes & hardware shown to you on my G+ Feed or perhaps you got here on accident. Nonetheless, your continuity to read is intriguing every word in hopes that another BTC Wallet that is NOT the Trezor, a very over bought-in product that was originally 1BTC when it was $99 & recently increased to about $650(?) till they stopped the pre-orders.

It would be one thing if they revised the price but of course they didn’t. So, you’d think maybe that’s why I set out to make my Wallet? Oddly, no but it has placed darkness in my thought process in wanting to make something for EVERYONE & affordable as I could of course charge a hefty fee as the market is scarce.

That being said, my device will be as compact and ideally flexible as possible to make it thin and less likely to break but also light-weight and durable. Besides all of that? It must remain secure!

I haven’t 100% gotten it to where I could sell BUT I am definitely with a working prototype but needs to be shrunken. So it will have a OLED (good for daylight & sunlight reading), choice of Bluetooth or NFC, and certainly on the fly encryption.

I’m going to look for investors OR take it to Kickstarter. Hopefully a market exists and will agree, $30-$40 is a good price.

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