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As some close to me know, I make little electronics and always looking to make stuff that help people.

My hobby for the last year has been RC/Autonomous Drones. My subject? Originally the Raspberry Pi & a 3D printed tricopter base with servo’s, gearbox motors, and a HP Motor.

Since August, I have used the Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia 920 to control the device as I did with my RC Car (source: http://github.com/lanceseidman). But I went one step further I removed the Raspberry Pi.

Yes, all my work for nothing!? Not quite. I decided my Lumia is literally a COMPUTER. It has built-in sensors, why not take that in to consideration? I did. It would mean, to just place a sturdy stand to embed on the device in which can control the motors/flight.

But as Nokia & Microsoft neither support, know, or sponsor me… A broken phone means a broken phone & $50 insurance claim for failures. But that doesn’t include when the parts pop off, things burn, etc. Maybe one day they’ll be interest

ed to sponsor it like Apple has with Sphero (well they sell it).

To the point? I did it. I used C#/.NET, JSONP, Httpclient/PostAsync, Lambda Functions, GPS, NFC (coming, chip coming soon), Camera/Video, & Sockets. This allowed me when the Drone wasn’t near, to use my Mobile Data & send to an Azure server w/Mobile Service & SQL Blob capabilities.

BUT! If the device was in range (aka is Paired Device connected?) & if it came back yes, I could use Bluetooth to control it. Even cooler? You can use your Windows Phone or Microsoft Surface or Nokia Tablet accelerometer to control it & based on how much you tilted it would decide that and speed up or slow down in that direction OR shake to slow down & just hover (soon big shakes will make it come back).

So, using Microsoft/Nokia technology, I have made a simple drone. You’ll be able to see it soon, follow me on Twitter & if you look back you’ll see the Pi Drone pre-soldering.

Stay tuned!

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