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I have had an IP hunt lately, trying to find where is my data going before the NSA gets it? It looks like Apple aka NSA of corporations may get a piece.

My phone IP was aka mobile-166-137-209-017.mycingular.net. Now, if look this up, its registered to:

Service Provider Corporation
73 Old Dublin Pike
Doylestown, PA.

But, its part of AT&T of St. Louis, MO. but what confuses me? My NSLOOKUP results:

Non-authoritative answer: name = mobile-166-137-209-017.mycingular.net.

Now, who owns that IP ( -, Apple, Inc.
 of course. To see a list of other IP's they own, visit:

Are they renting IP's or offering services where they can also
collect my data as a trade? I don't buy for a second they don't
somehow get some of my data. BUT if you know anything about
DNS's Non-authoritative just means my result isn't from my hosts
DNS Server but that's my concern.

Why is it that Apple is caching this and my own ISP isn't giving
the result? You can make the claim because of iPhone users & Apple
spies on them. I say- true! Now, what are they doing storing it,
where are they getting it from, I can only imagine they're storing
it thanks to AT&T.

You can call me crazy now, maybe the meds the ER gave me make me
more paranoid but in this police state, the real big brother is
corporations & they spread its legs for big brother. In the end,
we're all getting fucked.

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