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If you use Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise, Professional or N you may have noticed your Nokia Windows Phone 8 has likely not been able to be detected and therefore useless especially trying to build Enterprise Apps.

So, what does one do? We’ll, I searched far and wide for the right answer but NEVER found the answer. Some things claimed to work for people but they had a WP7 or using 32-Bit Processors. I happen to have a few machines, but still none of them answered my issue.

WP/Windows Developers

To get to the point, if you’re a developer:

  • Download the latest Visual Studio
    * Ensure you check for Windows Phone support. Do not install any WP SDK’s.


Now you the non/developer have the basics, you need to install them and likely reboot your machine. You actually need to reboot (yes, I know its terrible). As you’ve come back from rebooting, hopefully you now have the Windows Standalone Update for: KB2835517.

Before I have you install the file, open up your Device Manager (Windows Key + R, devmgmt.msc) and find your Nokia Lumia Device. It’s likely to have a yellow icon, but either way say the device name (RM-820) or something that makes it obvious. Now, Right-Click the device and Uninstall the Device but do NOT refresh the List as it’ll try to reinstall it but instead continue to the next step.

Go forth and open the file, run the installation and you’ll need to reboot once more, make sure you do NOT have your phone connected and when you’re fully loaded into Windows, open up your My Computer and plug your Nokia Lumia WP8 device in via USB and in moments you’ll see a Mobile Phone icon.

That’s ALL that’s required to start getting your Windows Phone working with your Windows 8.1 x64 Enterprise, Professional, N editions & start programming or backing up your device.

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