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As some know, the new PiCAST (2.0) is out and is now STABLE. This is my project that was aimed against Google originally as I was pretty upset with how they released and announced Chromecast. Get it at: http://github.com/lanceseidman/picast.

Why should I care? I am a consumer and the American way, to speak up and fight for injustice but also a techy who is very much progressive and feel Open Source anything can be beneficial for the future of any said product, service, or even government. But lets not get political, let us get to why the new PiCAST is better.

So in the new version, we took away the web technology like Apache, PHP, MySQL, and the constant complaints how it was “insecure” but the fact is, it was designed as a base model for developers to develop on top of, just like the Chromecast itself. However, as pairing was a thing & more people wanted security, I went to Encrypted IP Tunneling to send “Casts” to the PiCAST as we now got rid of a LOT of those needed dependencies and the web aspect in general.

Now you we have Encrypted IP Tunneling, if you use the PiCAST Auto-Installer/Downloader you can set up the password within the install and life is grand. It will also do everything you need automatically (including dependencies) and selecting a user account to install to. This also sets up aliases for the system for BASH. Now you can type “pic” and tab to see what’s available in your release of PiCAST. Future installs/upgrades will look for this in the future and decide which edition you have as the project progresses.

As I have made it so now anyone can literally make his/her own add ons. It has become VERY easy, so I will make a small document soon to help people do it but to those who are intermediate developers will know just by seeing the process. Which brings me to why exactly SOME things should be OPEN SOURCE. This can help the future developers of the world, understand how things can be done to make them better, or maybe make a spin-off taking the process/protocols to do something even bigger or better.

Until PiCAST really gets an audience, I will make periodic updates to the project but hopefully others will take part as well. I don’t make anything money from the project, it’s just a passion project as I do have my own Chromecast but I want freedom to do what I want or NOT.You’re always welcome to give to the project using BitCoin (16b3QAFmjrh4yzHjLw7jAKG5AnV8WVXdCK) or you can use PayPal (lance@compulsivetech .biz) but funds will go to Opportunity Village that’s here in Las Vegas.

Setup How to/Install Help/Questions/101 Support Video (YouTube; TechMeShow)

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