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As someone who has been fascinated by the WP platform and saw previews before it was ever released- I wanted in on it!

When finally the WP7 came out and we had a platform to physically hold and work with, it was GREAT. Of course having missing things like Copy & Paste was an embarrassment but a new update would come in Months to be.

It was awful when we found out our WP7’s couldn’t upgrade to WP8 as we all thought we were going to be able to do. Yet another JAB into the gut. Especially being promised we’ll always get new updates for our WP8 devices… Or we’re made to believe?

As many know now, Nokia is releasing an Android edition(s) in which I think is perhaps the WORST move towards us WP Devs. We’ve done nothing but try to empower, fight, and promote the hell out of the platform to now be SLAPPED in the face? This is a joint slap by Nokia & Microsoft.

Everyone who was outside of the ecosystem warned us the platform would weaken, die, or turn its back on us like Win Mobile era. It’s starting to feel true but a too familiar bad taste we have been fed before. Why trust Microsoft and the Nokia division now, they’re looking full speed ahead at Android.

Now the question for the future will always remain, why trust or build on Microsoft and now Nokia products? How long till they get bored or just plainly give up on the core audience who MADE the platform what it even is right nowadays, which could have been a LOT worse.

Ball is in your court now Microsoft/Nokia. Why do we bother with you or your services any more?

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