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As many in what’s called the “Maker” community, which also refers to the DIY (Do It Yourself) community, know 3D Printing is becoming easier and easier… It’s likely you’ve heard NASA saying or even seen trying to send a 3D Printer to space to help build tools they may need in space but before we get giddy or too off-topic, why do we even know or why is this technology even existing as a name to regular “Joe” or “Jane”?

It all starts becoming a household term more and more thanks to “affordable” at-home products from companies like Printrbot, 3D Systems, and MakerBot being the most well-known who was acquired by Stratasys for a whopping $403 Million (based on stock value at purchase) in which its year anniversary is approaching with CEO/Founder Bre Pettis as he has been a preacher for this future for many years now.

But the list is small and not nearly all the brands that exist, likely thanks to Kickstarter and Indiegogo. But we’re done talking about the Plastic 3D Printers, lets talk about the future when we can have our Smartphones that terrify us detect how long till we’re home, know we’re having a bad day, and turn on our 3D chocolate printer to print a smiley face or a Jolly Rancher-like sugar candy with a photo of the latest internet cat meme and not a sugar fan? Some of the best Belgian chocolate to change our mood for when we get home to relax with.

On a more serious note, if you attended the 2014 CES in Las Vegas, you know 3D Printing was one of the biggest buzz words but what you might have missed? Was a few companies trying to bring us an affordable chocolate printer and hard candy (sugar) printers for our kitchen! Did you ever imagine when Willy Wonka (movie; not the scary one from the book) said “Want to change the world, there’s nothing to it”, boy he didn’t know we’d be able to dream like dreamers thanks to the tech world.

Now we have to wonder, will see an explosion of new startups pop-up to make edible 3D printers like Choc Edge, which is allowing you to print sculptures and whatever you want. It seems more and more that the ChefJet printer may be your first kitchen edible printer as it can print your hard candy desires and to likely last longer than something from chocolate.

But why should you care? You really need to appreciate the science behind it all for starters, then the creators of the devices who craft these remarkable devices that could help bring food in another form for Adults or Kids who normally wouldn’t eat something because the way it looks. Right now we’re talking about sugar-based snacks but imagine the businesses that can come from prototyping the next big candy bar that can last in the sun without using wax and chemicals we can’t pronounce. Possibly become small businesses who can print edibles at home or for those who want to go really futuristic, just give the schematic to print the new creation you imagined for free or for a tiny fee per print using the Cloud.

The time has never been more clear that we are done waiting for the OK to do something by big corporations who normally shine the light in the next direction. Technology is making us more advanced than ever. The future is right now but the question is? How does it taste and did you get my link for the dinner I planned from my OneDrive account to print tonight?

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