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Lately I have blogged more and more about 3D Printing or automated printing things using batter for Pancakes. So, I thought I would share some of my own works…

As some of you know, when I publish to thingiverse that you see on Twitter, normally is a Cookie Cutter? Yes, I co-own a Candy, Cake, Cookie Company and sometimes we need to make the item a little more special than normal. With that being said, creating the shape of an item then 3D Printing them is a great way to go the extra mile and making my own Cookie Cutter and spending way less than the normal $8-30/Cutter (not-customized).

So, if you feel like making some cookies, have a 3D Printer or like one of my Cutters but can’t get it printed? Wrong, I offer a 3D Printing service. I’ve printed many of my designs for people and sometimes even create people custom ones. If you click on the 3D/Wearable link, you can request a custom quote.

If you do end up making some cookies, please send the photos my way, love to see what you made! Go on, check out my Designs & get printing!

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