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As I and some of the tech community have recently heard about this App called We Heart It, a Pinterest meets Flickr and every other image/video stream service but only with a slight twist, you heart what inspires you.

Now the concept really is nothing new, it is gorgeous but the big question is, they claim to have MILLIONS of users but who are these “WE THE PEOPLE”? Most of us have never heard of this App and really likely have zero interest in it as it doesn’t give something new or that interesting worth losing hours over. The design itself isn’t even something to write home about, so what the heck and where the heck did this App come from?

I can’t truly find anyone I know that has heard of the App or has known anyone to use it let alone an actual user. How do Apps like this gain so much traction in such short amount of time and without ever being published or spoken about daily? Is the dark side of the internet something that is actually real, that doesn’t have techy people crossing the line? Time will tell as we have more questions than statements.

What we do know, is you and I both know they may have a chance in the mobile game as the links they offer are monetized by VigLink. This is a great model if you really think about it. With Facebook, Twitter, and the others always being yelled at for targeting Ads with a big Ad display… It seems maybe this wannabe native-like advertising is how we’ll be tricked into thinking Ads just don’t exist anymore.

Nonetheless, I am still on the search to find who WE are and how they started using this App or even found out about it.

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