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Windows 10 & Raspberry Pi 2As many of you know, I am a HUGE fan of Raspberry Pi/Foundation but also Microsoft. My site basically runs around these two entities. The purpose of this post, is to let you know Microsoft has heard me roar (or lets pretend) when I say Windows should be on the Pi.

That said, Microsoft has developed a new brain for the Windows Team and they’re thinking SMART! For IoT devices that could be made with a Raspberry Pi, you don’t get Windows to tag along but usually ‘Noobs’ installer to select things like Raspbian but what if you could have an edition of Windows on the Pi that could connect to an awesome Windows 8 App or WP 8/10 App?

This being said, my project PiCAST (Chromecast-like project) would be a GREAT change. I could offer a Universal system and with Windows, enable VNC for remote Access but also with Azure you could run a great NodeJS w/Sockets.IO on it. Endless features I see that I will be bringing my Pi w/Windows 10 and cool projects to come.

So, how can you start geeking out? Try and get on the private Beta, by visiting Microsoft Early Adopter Program. Also be sure to bookmark the Stack Overflow WPforIOT page to send help requests to.

But still can’t get enough? Follow the hashtag  #winbuilder on Twitter, LEARN AND LOVE the Wiring for Windows IoT that is on GitHub. Now you’re ready for when Microsoft releases the greatest news to come out of Microsoft for the Developer and Open Source Community in YEARS.

Right on Microsoft, I knew you didn’t forget us!

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