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As the title suggests and looking through the Microsoft GitHub Account, looks like you’ll be able to control your Arduino-based code on a Intel Galileo which appears will truly run a likely limited edition of Windows 10 for IoT.

Now, seeing the code for the Sample RC Car on the MS IoT Account as suggested, you’ll be able to run this Windows 10 SD Card on the Galileo (mind you, is x86 but still Arduino-compatible for both Shields & Code*). Why is this exciting? As a Windows Phone Developer and someone who also released the i-Racer RC Car Project for Windows Phone Developers (who some have stolen my code and re-written, re-released that also had the balls to compile and release in the WP Store without credit), I am excited to see what will come and develop more source code for people to build awesome projects with!

I keep thinking of making an awesome WP Remote Control for a set of OS (Open Source) Security Projects. So using the Raspberry Pi 2 and the Galileo for motion sensing, magnetic separation for windows or doors being opened and sending an RF Signal to the Pi or using a Adafruit CC3000 WiFi Breakout Adapter, to even a doorbell that captures live video using the RPI Camera which could also film upon motion of the delivery man dropping off my package and if a neighbor stole it!

Many things to look forward to, a lot of awesome MAKER movements around Windows 10/for W10 IoT Edition to come that will likely encourage more folks to buy a Windows Phone or Windows-based Tablet/Hybrid Touch-Device. Genius move Microsoft, I would really LOVE to talk with the folks at the IoT Team and know the future.

We’re in exciting times, like the early 80’s!

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