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Hello all you Geeky & cheeky clothed or lack of it-beings! You may have recently seen one of my Digital-enabled Shirt, Hat, Gloves, and even underwear! As I have done a lot of apparel lately and some not under my own brand, I can’t really share all the cool stuff I have gotten to work on… I can however share a video with you of my new startups Investor Preview video to give you an idea of one of the many electronic wearable possibilities!

3D Design & Print Objects
If you need a wearable 3D object to hold a screen or you need a cookie cutter for your next Halloween Party to decorate spooky cookies… I can help!

Custom Cookie Cutters

  • Send in your design, I will make it in to a Cookie Cutter STL or Thing file (for MakerBot) for you to Print.
    • Price
      Varies (Size, Cavity; Est. $10 – $300 for Complicated designs).
    • Design & Print + Ship
      Est. $5 – $500 (Varies on Design Time, Print Size, & Shipping Method + Speed).
  • Printing Service: Send your STL/Thing file & have it Printed in Red, Black, Purple, or Cream White (ask for Color of the Day and/or Special Order Color).
    • Turn Around
      Size Varies & Orders ahead (Est. Max. 5 Hours for: 0.5″ – 3″ X 2″-6″)
    • Shipping
      FedEx, UPS, USPS (Overnight, 2-Day, etc. Available) OR Las Vegas, Henderson, GVR, N. LV, Enterprise, NV. Residents Same Day Courier Delivery ($10 Charge*).

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If you’ve been to a Comic Book convention, you may have seen some of my private work on people who may have been…

  1. Wings
    I can turn your set of wings to a flashy or glowing (fade) array of Bright LED’s (multiple colors available & hi-end ultra bright available too) to make your wings more notable yet always recognizable and with a Re-Chargeable Lithium-Ion Battery or Multiple-Single Battery Operated Modules.
  2. Tails
    Are you going as Star Fox or perhaps a Long-Tailed Lizard? Forget your butt for movement, send in your Tail and have your tail wiggle or sway side-to-side for a more realistic get-up and powered with Battery and not your butt!
  3. Voice Modules OR Voice Changing Masks
    As this technology is fairly new and really great for your Darth Vader mask, we can make it so when you talk? You talk like Darth OR sound like a super hi-pitched character.
    We have a way to add your heart beat as the method of your artificial ears and tails or really anything you want to move according to your heart beat. This means, you put on a special little sensor that sticks on to your skin and based on the sensor I/O, we can make your ears move when your heart beat is high or move your tail when it’s low (maybe nervous).

Restaurant Servers

  1. Have your servers name tag a digital one! Using LED Technology, we can have your employee’s name display and perhaps even this weeks specials!

So much more, so don’t be scared to ask and look back often!


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My Windows Phone 7/8 App's (Many Not Updated)

waitlist (Free) for WP8 Health Center (Free) for WP8 Speechy (Free) for WP7 TWiT (Free) for WP7 Space Weight (Free) for WP7 I.T. Guy (Free) for WP7 Job Discovery (Free) for WP7 Spelling Bee (Free) for WP7 Coin Toss Up (Free) for WP7 BIG Dialer (Free) for WP7

MY Windows 8 App's (Many Not Updated)

MyTube (Free) for Windows 8/RT

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