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I am a 27-year-old guy originally from Agoura Hill’s, CA and started a few companies from California, Coast of Oregon, and in Las Vegas, NV. Some consider me a technology “Guru” as computers and technology are my strong suit but I have worked and owned/operated my own Food & Beverage companies as well.

When I was a kid in grade school, I had a Teacher that taught us kids on Apple II’s and we had to do Touch Typing and because I couldn’t touch type, my Teacher ridiculed, harassed, and embarrassed me in front of the class. I wished I could have one of these at home to become a better typist but with no success and what’s worse? This woman told the class and I, “You will never be able to use computers if you can’t [touch] type!”. With this horrid statement most kids would give up but instead I wanted to create games like Oregon Trail that everyone was so excited to use.

So, growing up I eventually put away the Football, Basketball, Skateboard, Inline Rollerblading and became a permanent geek. My parents got me an IBM Aptiva of my own, not to say of course we didn’t have other computers but the internet was really just getting big and AOL couldn’t be cooler (funny, right?). I found programming and wanted to become an “elite” h4x0r (hacker; how we used to reference specific “leet” people) and learn Linux, master MS-DOS, and make “Progz” aka Addons for AOL Dial-up Service (yes, it was a thing and HUGE). So my alternate life became slowly my life, I woke up and almost slept at the computer, tried to get out of school as often as possible. I wanted to be the best and show off on IRC & “Darkside” hacker chat rooms (usually in reference to Kevin Mitnick).

I eventually became semi-popular on the web under an alias (back when we wanted to be PRIVATE) for finding exploits, making AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Bas’s (Modules) for VB5-6 to let newbie programmers take a shot at making App’s as I should have known then I would be extremely intrigued by Open Source initiatives and as often as I could, create and share for others to learn.

Eventually I was written up by Wired Magazine with a few of my e-friends for an AOL Article for hacking and the bad AOL OpSec Staff, little did they know I was the maker of one of the worst DDOS programs (designed for good but it was used for bad) to exist and thankfully many Webmasters/I.T. Professionals learned from it as you could send almost an infinite amount of packets from your computer to take down a web server and eventually boot yourself offline. I now don’t make tools like that anymore, except for businesses who need it for load balancing or part of my Pen. Testing.

To know more about me, check back often or chat with me on Twitter.

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My Windows Phone 7/8 App's (Many Not Updated)

waitlist (Free) for WP8 Health Center (Free) for WP8 Speechy (Free) for WP7 TWiT (Free) for WP7 Space Weight (Free) for WP7 I.T. Guy (Free) for WP7 Job Discovery (Free) for WP7 Spelling Bee (Free) for WP7 Coin Toss Up (Free) for WP7 BIG Dialer (Free) for WP7

MY Windows 8 App's (Many Not Updated)

MyTube (Free) for Windows 8/RT

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