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As I have accomplished many different jobs in my past and have performed many duties and constantly doing so, I can’t fit everything in to my Resume as it would be pages upon pages but you can get the short and sweet version by choosing to download (must ask) the PDF.

I don’t just develop for myself, in fact. I normally develop for other people’s brands and mine or my company’s App’s are second. Due to the projects I am hired to work on, of course usually come with an NDA and can’t share that I was outsourced for help, which is fine but if only I could share which giants in tech and non-technology fields I have had the utmost privileged of helping.

Now, we’ve run a service this year, where you send your App idea and if we think it could be profitable or have time for it, we’ll build it with no cost to you upfront. We will ask to place an Ad on it in which we will have a real percentage taken from the monetizing of Ads or Sales until you decide to buy the code out-right or willing to sell to us or hire us to sell your App to a 3rd-Party (assuming we won’t just outright buy it from you).

Need a Windows Phone or Windows 8 App Consultant or someone to help your small business or corporation? Not a problem, every quote is beyond fair. We (including myself) will not charge you $10,000 just for a few lines of code or talking to your team on the best way to design and code your App. If you need me to go out-of-town, expect to make Hospitality services. Otherwise, Internet Meetings are usually preferred methods of contact.

My fee will vary and goes on a sliding scale. Sometimes can be scheduled as an hourly, per task, or project. Let me help your company or your home with letting you know what you need or should get to be more successful in your technology environment. I have helped over 63 Offices (Banks Branches; Retail; Medical Centers; Accountants (CPA); Lawyers). Also Restaurant/Bar’s (from POS Setup, Menu/Biz. Card Design, etc…), and much more  in the West Coast (Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada).

Pricing can vary, to put a fair price I would ask you contact me… Usually for a simple question I won’t charge but to set up your business, never usually charge greater than $35,000.00 for start-to-end business development (From ordering all technology services, devices, hiring/training, custom software for managers, distribution setup for product placement/purchasing,  etc…).

I normally will not compete with businesses or other professionals as I feel my services are in a class of its own. Not to sound snotty or cocky but when I am hired, it’s a JOB and something I take with extreme care and caution but may also hire other support if time is a cause.


I look forward to working with you and/or your business in your future technology or other business needs.

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My Windows Phone 7/8 App's (Many Not Updated)

waitlist (Free) for WP8 Health Center (Free) for WP8 Speechy (Free) for WP7 TWiT (Free) for WP7 Space Weight (Free) for WP7 I.T. Guy (Free) for WP7 Job Discovery (Free) for WP7 Spelling Bee (Free) for WP7 Coin Toss Up (Free) for WP7 BIG Dialer (Free) for WP7

MY Windows 8 App's (Many Not Updated)

MyTube (Free) for Windows 8/RT

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