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If you’re not in the KNOW with Microcontrollers or Small PC’s, Raspberry Pi & Arduino sound foreign… Many people have started learning Python due to Raspberry Pi and really the platform idolizes Py, which is a Micro $25-$35 Linux ready PC running on ARM. As I am sure most of you know this, let’s get to the war, Err– the point! Massimo Banzi, current CEO of Arduino announced the YUN. […]

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I’ve worked more and more on Hardware and getting my devices to work with my WP8 but usually no support. I’ve been working on a product for education and possibly retail that will combine every OS to use the Hardware and everything 100% Open Source. So, I made a project that’s now on GitHub that has the Arduino and Windows Phone 8 Projects. Go check it out and build your […]

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Someone asked me if the Raspberry Pi could use external sensors and items like the Arduino Microcontroller, which it is completely possible. Especially since the PI has headers much like the board of an Arduino. The good news is, if you plan to get serious with your Raspberry Pi and wish to even integrate it with your PI, LadyAda and the gang over at AdaFruit.com make it VERY possible! In […]

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My Windows Phone 7/8 App's (Many Not Updated)

waitlist (Free) for WP8 Health Center (Free) for WP8 Speechy (Free) for WP7 TWiT (Free) for WP7 Space Weight (Free) for WP7 I.T. Guy (Free) for WP7 Job Discovery (Free) for WP7 Spelling Bee (Free) for WP7 Coin Toss Up (Free) for WP7 BIG Dialer (Free) for WP7

MY Windows 8 App's (Many Not Updated)

MyTube (Free) for Windows 8/RT

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