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If you’re in the Windows Phone (WP) community, especially if you’re a developer you hear how the big Apps don’t exist for the platform but today you’d be wrong again, BOB! Some of us knew some of the Apps have been in the process of being created but sadly some have even been created for over 6 Months and just never published. But some new Apps to help make WP […]


On Sept. 7th I was notified about a new OS for the Pi, as more and more ARM OS’s are being planned, was it true what I heard… SuSE, is it you– really? Turns out Bernhard made the openSUSE Image and only 82MB Compressed (Download Here). He apparently already has a few tricks to speed the loading process, as he claims he can boot his pi up with openSUSE in […]


If you haven’t been following me or on my Angelist page, Wearing Digital during getting the hardware created isn’t my main goal. More and more the US Government in cities are shrinking, but mainly public services. This includes Firemen, Police, Paramedics, and so forth. Why is this a problem? Due to Global Warming or Climate Change (if you’re a dick), we see more flash floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters. […]


Do you ever wish you could Tweet something and it eventually just leaves Twitter? We’ll, I personally don’t have a use for this but what if you’re running a campaign or contest… Turns out an ex-engineer from Twitter decided to make Spirit, an App to drop your Tweet with just a Hashtag. Yes, just add #1m to Kaboom or #10m to even #30d. I am just wondering how many new […]


As a Windows Phone developer I enter contest every so often to try to win prizes… Well, I won a Developer Phone to give to my mother from the Apps for Social Good Contest ($15K & Nokia Lumia 920 Dev Phone). I was moving my mother from iOS to WP, so I gave her my new phone I was so proud of… Of course it wasn’t glitzy for her, so […]


If you’ve followed Yahoo! and the invasion of Mayer, greatness has come from the new CEO of once Google fame. But maybe ignore this Logo? So, as link bait, Yahoo! thought to constantly put up new Logos which was far from being a real Logo as it was just fonts they went through, or it seemed… For 30 Days! The new decided Logo which was recently revealed had me stumped, […]

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As the news just came to me via email by the CEO of Janrain, which will likely have been the last newsletter any of us receive, February 2014 is when life support ends officially. I have been a member since early 2007 and just loved how they had a vision, a working service to protect users with then seemed too much for most as you could have a phone call […]


With Nokia and Foursquare being purchased, it really makes one wonder what is Microsoft doing? Are they taking a page out of the Google, Yahoo! aka Marissa Mayer handbook? The answer just may be… YES! As we know nothing comes close to the Data you can get from Foursquare and especially from early on in its existence the data that they obtained was incredible but of course to slow down […]


“REDMOND, Washington and ESPOO, Finland – Sept. 2, 2013 – Microsoft Corporation and Nokia Corporation today announced that the Boards of Directors for both companies have decided to enter into a transaction whereby Microsoft will purchase substantially all of Nokia’s Devices & Services business, license Nokia’s patents, and license and use Nokia’s mapping services. Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft will pay EUR 3.79 billion to purchase substantially all […]


It wasn’t that long ago everyone was going nuts when Facebook obtained Instagram the ever popular social photo sharing website, as the big joke by Leo Laporte from TWiT was “Billion with a ‘B'”. It looks like we may have an even bigger issue that Instagram had that Facebook is double downing on… You guessed it, a new Privacy Policy/Terms of Service (TOS). As you may remember, instagram came out […]


If you’re not in the KNOW with Microcontrollers or Small PC’s, Raspberry Pi & Arduino sound foreign… Many people have started learning Python due to Raspberry Pi and really the platform idolizes Py, which is a Micro $25-$35 Linux ready PC running on ARM. As I am sure most of you know this, let’s get to the war, Err– the point! Massimo Banzi, current CEO of Arduino announced the YUN. […]


As you may have seen my previous video (first) of the Website Launching to show how the PiCAST will work (video below), we can now do YouTube Videos and other items in the works BUT you can now get PiCAST on your RasPi with little effort! So, just simply download the “installer.sh” and chmod it so it can be launched with hi-privileges and that’s basically it with the exception of […]


I  was one of the first people to get a Google TV and I even got one for free from Google. Any website I worked on I would offer GTV capabilities for few bucks extra, no biggie… But as I see GTV getting nowhere and fast, the new Google Chromecast has me intrigued and when I went to buy one? Sold out! When you have people who see a $35 […]


For the past few months, as I have been lucky enough to get a new hi-end Microsoft Visual Studio Edition, Windows 8, and Azure Hosting as well as a bunch of other great deals from Microsoft being a BizSpark Startup… I have made an App that I hope will cause people to see Windows Phone Apps can have originality and bundled services in one. I deal with a lot of […]


As many know by now, my Startup Wearing Digital has built a Smart Watch aka Glorified Notification Center. Please help support the company by sharing the URL: https://angel.co/wearing-digital. Please check back often on how YOU can start enabling your App’s to work with the WEDA!

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My Windows Phone 7/8 App's (Many Not Updated)

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MY Windows 8 App's (Many Not Updated)

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